Wells Fargo Online Access Agreement Changes

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You agree that we comply with our obligation to provide you with an annual copy of our privacy policy by making it available for www.wellsfargo.com or, on notice, on another website where we offer electronic services. We can offer delegated tools (online or by other means) that will help you manage the authority and access of the agents and delegates you have appointed. Some delegate features may not be available for certain accounts or customers. Other features: The continued use of the Service by you or your agent after the effective date of the Updated Terms of the Agreement on our website is an agreement on your part regarding such a change to the Agreement. Unless otherwise enacted, any amendment to this Agreement applies only to transactions that occur or arise after the amendment comes into effect. With Wells Fargo Bill Pay, you can plan bill payments through the service. You must have at least one eligible account that is either a Wells Fargo Account, a Wells Fargo Advisors brokerage account with The Brokerage Cash Services (“Brokerage Cash Services”) brokerage function or a priority line of credit accessible through the Service to be able to use Bill Pay. You must be registered for the use of Bill Pay in the service. You allow us to add legitimate accounts that are Wells Fargo credit card or credit accounts as payment recipients in Bill Pay, but depending on your history related to those accounts, we cannot automatically set them up as your Bill Pay beneficiaries.

For some providers, you may need to provide additional credentials to view billing details on our website, or you may need to visit your provider`s website directly to see the invoice details. You agree to inform us immediately if you are no longer a homeowner or no longer allowed to use or share your address, email address or phone number, which you have previously provided to us. Address changes can be initiated: We can specify that you can download information from certain eligible accounts in your financial management software. We can also have payment instructions launched through your financial management software. Eligible accounts for which these options are available are identified on the site. We can also add, modify or remove all features of your ability to access the service through your financial management software. If we provide you with electronic records and you want a paper copy, you can contact the appropriate customer service and request a paper version. You will find the corresponding contact information in the account extract or in the wells Fargo product agreement in relation to the electronic dataset. You may have to pay a tax for the paper copy, unless the collection of a tax is prohibited by current legislation. Please respect the corresponding agreement for each fee that can be charged for paper copies. If your Wells Fargo accounts and/or services are terminated for any reason, you no longer have the right or access to use the transfer service.

Excess business costs may be incurred if you exceed the transaction limits imposed by the federal government for savings accounts, including the additional limits that can be set by your financial institution. If the limit is exceeded more than occasionally, your financial institution may have to close or convert the account into a current account. You will find more information in your account agreement with the financial institution that manages your account.

2013 Rededication Sign and Ceremony Thank You Page

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