Vw Car Finance Agreement

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Our collectors will try to contact you 6-8 weeks before the end of your agreement in order to agree a good time for the inspection and pickup of your vehicle. At the end of a solution agreement (PCP), you have the choice of 3 options: no action is required on your part, we conclude the contract automatically after your last debit payment has been recovered and you send a registration letter for your documents. It`s easy to keep control of your agreement online. You can use your online account to make changes quickly and easily by selecting your brand below: The important things to keep in mind if you want to refinance your balloon payment: Once your contract is concluded, we will automatically transfer ownership to you. The blackout period is 10 days, after which a letter will be sent to confirm that we are no longer interested in the vehicle. Apply online for Volkswagen Financial Services vehicle financing. Since 2008, Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland has been offering innovative and market-leading automotive financing solutions in collaboration with the Volkswagen, Audi, KODA, SEAT and Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge brands. In 2010, Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland was the first to produce the Personal Contract Plan (PCP) to its customers. With more than 120 dealerships and more than 30,000 customers, Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland has quickly become Ireland`s largest automotive funder.

Make a one-time payment or refinance the last tranche and take over ownership of the car. Flexibility at the end of the agreement to choose between 3 options, log in or sign up to manage your account online. View your agreements, make payments, ask for compensation and process your data. It`s simple and contactless. Part of the value of the vehicle is carried forward until the end of the agreement. This amount is the guaranteed minimum value for the future (GMFV) that Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland guarantees that your car is worth at the end of your contract. If you would like to be considered for this option, please contact us no later than one month before the expiry date of your agreement, so that we can submit offers and submit your application in a timely manner. A deferral of payment is an agreement that allows you not to make payments for up to 3 months. During this period, your agreement is not considered late or reports a negative impact on your credit file. Applications for deferred payments are subject to an aptitude test; This should ensure that it does not worsen your financial situation depending on your individual circumstances. For more information, click here on our full page for Volkswagen Financial Services FAQs. A rental agreement does not have the option of owning the vehicle.

However, after the end of the contract, our agents at British Car Auctions can offer the vehicle for sale.

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