Translation License Agreement

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4. Different types of license allow different features of the product and the user has the right to use only the feature that allows the license type(s). If the user has multiple valid licenses for a computer, the user can use the functionality offered by the highest level license. 16 In the examples cited, the language clause (if any) states that the English version governs the agreement in all texts in which English is the ST and where the same principle is presented in the TTs. Similarly, despite their transnational nature, all texts originally written in Italian indicate that the relevant version is Italian and, in some cases, it is stated that the translated versions have only an informative function. This indicates that, despite their legal validity, TTs adopt a slightly lower performative value than STs. 1The general concept of “legal texts” includes a large number of types of texts whose translation requires different types and levels of competence, as well as the use of different translation methods. The translation of these texts leads to a kind of endonormative process that leads to strict adherence to the conventions of a given type of text. This degree of homogeneity in the diversity of languages used limits the possibility of diversification into different local styles (Gotti 2003) and this concept clearly applies to translated texts. The translator must be within the limits that are educated in the need to respect the main characteristics of a particular register and to meet the requirements of a particular genre. However, the translation of a legal text also requires a process of permanent adaptation, not only with regard to the legal language to be used, but also the legal system and context (see Lundmark 2012 for an informative discussion of the common and civil legal system). Translation is subjective in nature and languages often do not have accurate matches of certain sentence terms.

When you frame translations within the legal framework of the contract, you often encounter situations where a language does not have the exact equivalent of a particular legal concept. This often leads to translation challenges. The term “common law”, which often does not have an accurate translation into languages where the legal systems of countries do not function according to the common law, is a good example. Another example is the word “agreement”, which is often used in the English language to refer to a legal contract (for example. B End-Use Licence Agreement). In many languages, you don`t want to translate the equivalent of agreements, because it doesn`t have the same legal implications as the word “treaty” in the United States. 12They agreements are usually introduced with a title indicating the nature of the contract: The application is granted by One Hour Translation Inc. to you, is not sold to you, in order to use them strictly in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

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