The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement What Importers Need To Know

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The agreement contains many other provisions that cover a number of issues. These provisions include economic integration between countries, the duration of the agreement and CUSMA`s management and dispute resolution procedures. These assessments have left many important questions unanswered. They did not examine the impact of the new rules on Canada`s ability to pursue a new economic and trade policy (for example). B in terms of intellectual property and data). Nor did they examine the potential impact of CUSMA on future business investment in Canada. What the agreement might mean for Canada`s freedom to negotiate future trade agreements is also uncertain. The United States insisted on a provision that would make a Canada-China trade agreement more difficult. Canadian trade analysts have widely criticized this as a measure to prevent Canada from pursuing new trade agreements with China. In the chapter “Health and Plant Health Measures” (SPS), the United States, Mexico and Canada agreed to strengthen disciplines for scientifically sound SPS measures, while ensuring that the parties respect their sovereign right to the protection of life, animals, animals and plants or health. The provisions provide for greater transparency in the development and implementation of SPS measures; Promoting scientific decision-making Improve certification, regionalization and equivalency processes Conducting system-based audits Improving the transparency of import controls; cooperation actions to improve the compatibility of the measures.

The new agreement would establish a new mechanism for technical consultation between the parties to resolve the issues. CUSMA is expected to have little impact on economic growth. However, it could have a significant impact on the restructuring of the North American economy. It could also limit Canada`s policy options in the transition to a new economy based on knowledge, data and intellectual property. On July 1, 2020, a new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada will replace the 25-year-old North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Each participating country has its own name for this. CUSMA continues NAFTA exemptions for Canadian cultural industries. Cultural sectors include publishers of print and print media to death, as well as broadcasters.

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