The Frances Langford Promenade site would like to thank…

The following Lakelanders contributed to the 2013 marker:

Sign Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Agnini
Rebecca W. Bronson
Jean Bunch
Mery C. Butler
Judy Cline
Debbie Doty
Darby Dowdy
Chandra Frederick
Chad Kostella
Catherine Lavallee-Welch
Claire Orologas
Richard Perez
Lynn Schlinder
Donald R. Selvage
Terry Simmers
Robin Sussingham
Julie Townsend
William L. Townsend
Chuck Welch

The following sponsored the 2013 rededication ceremony:

Lake Mirror Neighborhood Assn.
Florida Southern College
Lakeland Downtown Development Assn.
The Ruthvens
Paula Dockery
Bob Lindsey
Agnini Family Dental
Historic Lakeland, Inc.
Lakeland Local

The following persons and organizations granted access to media:

Lakeland History Room at the Lakeland Public Library
David Dickey
Tom Hagerty
Abhishek Mukherjee
Chuck Welch

2013 Rededication Sign and Ceremony Thank You Page

Thanks to David Dickey, Tom Hagerty, Chuck Welch, Abhishek Mukherjee, and the Lakeland Library History Room for photos and video.

And a special thanks to every person and organization that reminds Lakelanders about the Frances Langford Promenade.