Terminal Disclaimer Form For Joint Research Agreement

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Where several conflicting patents and/or pending applications are filed in a single application in non-static refusals of double patents, it is necessary, before the grant of that application, to reject the final part of a patent granted for the application, which would go beyond the expiry date of each of the patents and/or contradictory applications. A terminal disclaimer is required for each terminal disclaimer. For example, in order to avoid the payment of multiple terminal exclusion fees, a single terminal disclaimer may be filed on the basis of common ownership, in which the unclaimed term is based on all contradictory and non-state references to dual patent. Similarly, a single definitive disclaimer may be presented on the basis of a joint search agreement in which the unclaimed term is based on all conflicting non-statistical references to double patent. . . .

2013 Rededication Sign and Ceremony Thank You Page

Thanks to David Dickey, Tom Hagerty, Chuck Welch, Abhishek Mukherjee, and the Lakeland Library History Room for photos and video.

And a special thanks to every person and organization that reminds Lakelanders about the Frances Langford Promenade.