Technology Collaboration Agreement Template

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Harvard OTD organizes thousands of material transfers each year to facilitate scientific progress and innovation. The following model agreements contain terms representative of Material Transfer Agreements (SAAs), but serve only to illustrate and are subject to change. Please note that this type of agreement is provided for illustrating it only. It contains conditions representative of a cooperation agreement on fundamental research which contains provisions on the transfer of material, but any such agreement shall be subject to amendments based on the unique aspects of any cooperation. Harvard and its industrial partners typically enter into confidentiality agreements before discussing sensitive or proprietary information as part of a potential research licensing or cooperation agreement. Below are eloquent examples of a reciprocal confidential disclosure agreement and an agreement in which only Harvard provides confidential information. PandaTip: Any cooperation agreement should indicate how the agreement can be resolved by both parties. This section of the presentation clarifies the process for ending the agreement. Harvard OTD establishes dozens of successful research collaborations between academic scientists and industry partners each year. All remaining parties have the opportunity to enter into a new agreement after the termination of the current agreement. The Parties shall each appoint a principal representative acting on their behalf on all matters related to this Cooperation Agreement. The Parties shall share equally all personnel responsibilities related to this Cooperation Agreement.

This includes providing human and financial resources to procure additional staff to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. This Agreement may only be renewed or amended with the written consent of all parties involved. The decision to amend or renew the Agreement shall include the date of the amendment/extension and the signatures of the designated representative of each Participating Organization, as well as any new terms that have been amended or added to this Agreement. The Parties shall share equally all direct financial burdens, commitments or costs related to this Cooperation Agreement. If external financing or credits are necessary to contribute to the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives, the parties agree to obtain this credit jointly and to assume responsibility for the repayment of these debts.

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