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Each amendment should determine the extent of the additional work, specify that it must be considered part of the work under the original contract and make any necessary adjustments due to the addition of the work. For example, it will be necessary to adjust the amount of the contract and change the date of completion of the work. There may be other small things, but the essential principle to be respected is that the extra work should be part of the original works. Too often, an endorsement that ignores these points puts the architect in an impossible position, since he has no power under the amendment, but with an employer who expects contract management to be carried out in the usual way, both with regard to original work and additional work. It is important that, when an amendment is envisaged, the employer and the contractor appoint a legal representative experienced in construction contracts to design and agree on the content of an amendment. In the event that the employer decides, as the work progresses, that it is necessary to carry out additional work in a sufficiently significant manner or in such a way that it does not consider it appropriate simply to give the order to an architect, he may wish to do so by means of a supplementary agreement. In such cases, it is not uncommon for the employer`s lawyer or legal counsel to prepare an endorsement that both the contractor and the employer must sign to deal with the additional work. If work is undertaken on the instruction of an architect, there is no problem, since the work is part of the work and all the conditions of the existing contract that the parties have already performed cover the additional work. When the work is added by an amendment, it is essential that the amendment entails the transfer of the additional work as part of the original contract.

If this is not the case, the amendment can simply be considered by the courts as a contract in its own right, without a direct link to the original contract. As a result, unless special provisions are included in the amendment, the architect would not be able to: • give instructions concerning the additional works, • issue a final certificate which would cover such works, • have powers or obligations with regard to the additional works, the contractor may be prepared to: to approve this proposal, given that the conditions seem favourable and do not need to provide additional or varied works. . . .

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