Settlement Agreement Croydon

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Our experienced and specialized employment team willingly advises you on your agreement and ensures that it is properly developed and that you are fully aware of the consequences of signing the contract. We regularly negotiate changes to transaction agreements, including compensation increases. We can do the same for you. Our labour law specialists can verify a proposed transaction contract and tell you if it is a fair business for you. We can also negotiate with your employer were necessary to ensure a more favorable plan. Many employers fall into very difficult traps in compromise agreements and the taxable position on severance pay is not always linear. We are labour lawyers and lawyers based in Central London, who can guide you through this difficult process, so call us now to discuss your situation. In the event, hopefully unlikely, of your employer`s lack of agreement or failure to pay, you are liable for the costs of that company on your own (over a period spent at the payor`s hourly rate). Our experience in labor law and the know-how of the transaction agreement means that you can count on us to negotiate with your employer in order to get the terms and package you want. Transaction agreements (formerly known as compromise agreements) are one of the few ways to get you to agree to jeopardize your legal labour rights (for example.

B, rights to discrimination or unjustified dismissal). If you ask us for additional work such as negotiating wholesale changes to the contract, the cost cannot be covered by the employer`s contribution and you may therefore be obliged to cover the cost of all the work performed in this regard yourself (over a period beyond your employer`s contribution to the respective hourly rate of the employee). Transaction agreements are now the most common way to resolve labour disputes and avoid potential litigation. They usually involve your employer offering you a one-time payment in exchange for your refusal to file a claim in an employment tribunal. The company`s estimated fee for advice on the terms and effect of a compromise agreement is between US$250 and US$1,000 plus VAT (with the exact amount owed based on the time spent on the recipient`s hourly rate). Your employer normally pays or, at the very least, contributes to these costs if an agreement is reached. We are able to offer a fixed fee for certain services such as. B the revision of a transaction contract offered by your employer. Your employer typically pays for independent legal advice for transaction agreements, which means you may be free of charge.

We gladly advise you if you have a right and help you contact your employer to explain your case. Our team can then help get an agreement or send your application to an employment tribunal if necessary. We deal with all possible disputes concerning the right of commercial representation on matters such as commission rights, termination of contracts, allowances and allowances, notice periods, retirement periods, obligations of contractors and delivery assistants, terms of agency contracts, breaches and changes to the contract.

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