Redeployment Process Agreement

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Current Status of Version and Related Information Old Versions Print Feedback Redeployment Procedure Section 1 – Background and AssignmentAptĂ© 2 – Section 3 – Policy Statements Section 4 – Principles of ProcedureEverNomination for RedeploymentVacanciesPlacement Assessment PanelElectter ProcessThe member meets its selection criteria Trial periodSeerment delivery unless normal selection procedures and appointments aresalaryEmployee Support and Training Redundancy Review Failure of Redeployment Section 5 – Definitions This is the current version of this document. You can give feedback to the author of this policy – see the status and details in the navigation bar of the document. Section 1 – Background and Purpose (1) These procedures apply when a worker holds a position that exceeds (or will be) above the requirements of the University of La Trobe (university). These procedures apply before the use of involuntary dismissals under the La Trobe 2018 higher education collective agreement. 2. Redeployments can also be carried out in agreement between the university and the agent in order to resolve the difficulties encountered in the context of the employment. In these cases, these procedures can be adopted to facilitate redeployment. (3) These procedures include clauses 76 and 781 of the la Trobe 2018 higher education collective agreement (hereafter referred to as the “agreement”). Staff members who wish to apply these procedures should refer to the agreement and not rely solely on this summary. In the event of a conflict between this procedure and the agreement, the agreement is a priority. Above, Section 2 – Scope (4) These procedures apply to university and professional staff and not to casual, temporary or continuing education employees. At the top of PageSection 3 – Political Statement (5), you are referring to the policy of hand-management? workforce.

At the top of Section 4 – Principles of Procedure (6) Redeployment is implemented in accordance with the following principles: redeployment helps the university maintain the skills, skills, experience and knowledge of staff who might otherwise hire at the university; Executives are expected to facilitate effective redeployment, provided staff meet the most important selection criteria for the position or can do so with appropriate skill development; recruitment is not delayed for inappropriate periods. Redeployment of staff is not used as an alternative to managing poor performance or unsatisfactory behaviour and does not involve transfers due to disciplinary measures; Public servants are encouraged to actively participate in the search for suitable alternative jobs within the university; Redeployment processes are launched in a timely manner; and/or staff may choose to be represented during the redeployment process. Right to redeploy (7) If an officer has been informed in writing by the university that his or her job has been laid off, the officer may apply for redeployment or the university may attempt to redeploy the officer to an appropriate vacancy. Redeployment Appointment (8) When a staff member wishes to redeploy or the university attempts to redeploy a staff member, the Human Resources Department will inform staff in writing of their redeployment appointment. 9. The human resources department may inform the officer of the redeployment process. (10) The officer`s supervisor will provide ongoing support throughout the redeployment process, including appropriate free time to participate in interviews.

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