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In the joint enterprise agreement, the parties should carefully disclose all their intellectual property rights and declare that they retain ownership if this is the case. In addition, the parties must clearly state whether any of these rights will be part of their contribution (by transfer or licence) to the joint venture, specifying what rights, if any, are the rights of the transaction and those that are not. The rules relating to the use of the investigation period are also governed by the provisions of the Joint Enterprise Agreement, including the rights to the evolution of the existing investigation period and the compensation or allowances possibly due to the parties. When a party pours databases containing personal data, the party should make statements indicating that the data was collected in accordance with the law and detail all restrictions applicable to the use of the data by the joint venture. The use and ownership of the data collected during the joint venture transaction after its dissolution should also be addressed in the joint venture agreement, taking into account the high value it has in certain sectors and all applicable restrictions that are set out in data protection legislation that could limit the use of personal data. In addition, the parties to the joint venture are also empowered to define special veto rights or certain matters that may require majority agreement in the joint venture agreement or in the shareholder contract (if any). In summary, the joint venture agreement must be considered a “framework agreement” so that the provisions of any agreement signed by the parties in the framework of the joint venture reflect their terms and conditions and detail them. Considering that it is appropriate ( to define, in the joint enterprise agreement, the obligation for the parties to adapt all the additional documents carried out in the framework of the joint enterprise to the provisions and motivation of the agreement; (ii) in each of the additional documents (for example. B of the vehicle statutes), an express rule stipulating that the general terms of the joint enterprise agreement prevail in the event of opposition to the provisions of another document. The creation of a joint venture may require the implementation of various agreements governing relations between the parties, such as the cooperation of joint enterprise documents. B: a joint venture agreement and a shareholder agreement.

Patent co-ownership as opposed to trademarks is accepted in Brazil. Thus, in addition to the regulation of intellectual property privileges, the joint enterprise agreement could include provisions relating to the ownership rights of inventions that arise during the joint venture. The parties may agree to own the new inventions or to set criteria for determining which party owns them. The aforementioned periodic reports on new general and mental information are an important instrument for this. The joint venture agreement should focus on good corporate governance. In the absence of proper control, one of the parties to the joint venture could be offered damaged mental protection as a result of misuse or, worse, find that part of its investigation period has been brought to the attention of other parties. Therefore, the rules on the use of the substantive IP (use of copyrighted material, data protection, trademarks, commercial designs, patents and trade secrets), including information security rules, are very important for respecting the value of the substantive IP. In most structures, the existence of a board of directors is not mandatory under Brazilian law. In these cases, shareholders contractually agree, as part of the joint venture agreement, to create and elect a board of directors.

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