Myanmar Peace Agreement

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Colonel Sai Ngern of the RCSS, who is currently leading the NCA`s leadership team for the peace process (PPST) for the Joint Implementation Coordination Meeting (CMCM), said: “This year, formal discussions have been suspended, but informal meetings are helping to relaunch serious negotiations. In addition, agreements have been reached that benefit the entire peace process. He added that the groups have also made efforts to incorporate the views of non-NCA signatories into their negotiations. The Government of Myanmar has made numerous attempts to promote lasting peace and democracy and to end the continuing conflict between armed ethnic minorities and the military. Since 2011, discussions have taken place between armed ethnic groups, the military and the government, although gender, federal and ethnic rights issues remain that need to be resolved. [21] Some of these dynamics were also seen last week. As expected, several of the country`s main armed groups, including the Arakan Army, were not present in the formal procedure, while tensions between the Naypyidaw government and the Myanmar army, known as Tatmadaw, were siding beneath the surface. The signing of the third part of the EU agreement after the end of the peace conference on 21 August, with some modest progress, allowed the NLD to affirm that the peace process was still on track. But even Suu Kyi herself has acknowledged the difficulties of engaging and then gradually making a profit, let alone achieving the broader, longer-term goal of a roadmap for national reconciliation and a democratic federal union.

As peace talks have stalled and Myanmar has come under international pressure over accusations of Rohingya genocide in Rakhine State, EESA has expressed differing views on Myanmar`s role when the country`s legal defence team appears before the International Court of Justice next week. Some support the government and other groups support Gambia`s international action to pursue the country. Two “success stories” were reported during the year: the adoption of 20 additional principles for the EU peace agreements and an agreement between the parties on the continuation of formal peace talks with the new government. The 20 points raised by the Tatmadaw are not breakthroughs that will put an end to the ongoing hostilities with the signatory PDOs, nor does the approval of these new proposals by ESAs create new avenues for future compromises. Like the previous 37 principles, these newcomers are paralyzed by vague language and do not offer a roadmap for their implementation. From the EAO`s point of view, the most useful outcome of the talks was undoubtedly the signal that the government would continue peace talks after the elections. Many observers of the process wonder what this next iteration will look like. Colonel Sai Ngern of the RCSS predicted that a peace conference at the trade union level would be held next year, preferably before the Thingyan celebrations in early April. “We need to discuss in depth federal policy and how to move the peace process beyond 2020,” he added. “Only if the talks go smoothly can [the process] move forward at the time of the government.” Rakhine State must also be relocated to peace-building talks. The AA as a “terrorist organization” and not as an EAO, calling the Rakhine conflict “municipal violence” and transforming peace-building work into “social cohesion” serves only to isolate this region from national discussions on ethnic rights and conditions of peace. Until the communities of Rakhine have the formal opportunity to seek refuge, express their abuses and dialogue, reducing violence will remain an elusive goal.

The President of the RCSS, General Yawd Serk, said on 2 December that cooperation between tatmadaw and the government in The Hague showed that the authorities would take responsibility.

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