Mercosur Trade Agreement Text

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This agreement represents a win-win situation for both the EU and Mercosur and creates opportunities for growth, employment and sustainable development on both sides. The text of the agreement is supplemented by a series of additional protocols to the agreement that guide the implementation of the agreements and which, in several cases, particularly with regard to specific rules of origin, make changes to the obligations contained in the normative text. The ACE 35 protocols, including the physical integration protocol, are listed below. The documents are listed chronologically, the most recent being mentioned first. According to Jonathan Watts, “the negotiations lasted nearly two decades, which may explain why the result signed last week reflects the industry-friendly values of the past rather than the environmental concerns of the present.” [14] According to an editorial in the Irish Times, “EU countries are committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2050, but this will not be significant if the world`s largest carbon sink is destroyed.” [16] Former French environment minister Nicolas Hulot condemned the agreement in an interview with Le Monde, saying it was “totally contradictory” to the EU`s climate targets and warned that it would further destroy the Amazon rainforest. [22] The Financial Times expressed concern that “the EU-Mercosur agreement will not nullify climate efforts”. [23] “In the 21st century, international conventions must focus on the protection of man and nature, not as “nice-to-have” – this agreement is not measured and must be abolished,” Knirsch said. The free trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur is a free trade agreement on which the EU and Mercosur have agreed in principle in 2019. [1] The agreement was announced on 28 June at the G20 summit in Osaka 2019, after 20 years of negotiations. [1] [2] Although there are convergences in principle, the final texts have not yet been finalised, signed or ratified and have therefore not entered into force. If ratified, this would be the largest trade agreement concluded by both the EU and Mercosur with regard to the citizens concerned. [2] The trade agreement is part of a broader association agreement between the two blocs.

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