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We cite four different comparisons that differ in two dimensions: subjects and documents versus corporation (see Table 1). CT scans are compared to strains and documents (compared 1 in Figure 1). In addition, we report on three comparisons based on our thematic models, all of which show how coordinated themes intersect with machine themes and intersect gold standard themes in content and prevalence. We evaluate current content based on base loads per pair of themes (comparison 3 in Figure 1). We assess topical prevalence from the distributions of themes on the pairs of documents (compared 2 in Figure 1) and the distribution of themes across the corpus (comparison 4 in Figure 1). In the area of severity, S5 and S6, translated by Google, delayed the necessary care for patients (gravity<3). Not all sentences translated by the Chinese human translator had an impact on patient care (gravity – 5). That`s what happened to Omar Cruz-Zamora, a Mexican of American descent on a legal visa, in Kansas last September. Based on a typical grant with Google Translate, he agreed to have the police search his car – he was not legally obliged to do so – and was arrested for possession of 14 pounds of cocaine and methamphetamines. On June 4, a Kansas court (pdf) Cruz-Zamora granted the motion to suppress the evidence, and found that Google Translate is not good enough for constitutional research.

The pamphlet “You are the heart of your family… “Care” is a health education newsletter for diabetic patients, which describes six tips on behaviour change. Two professional translators translated the original English phrases into Spanish and Chinese. We hired 6 certified translators (3 Spanish and 3 Chinese) to perform blind evaluations of the following versions: (1) The sentences translated by Google Translate and (2) sentences translated by a professional human translator. The evaluators assessed rates on four scales: fluidity, adequacy, meaning and severity. We did a descriptible analysis to study the differences between these two versions. In the area of severity, all evaluators agreed that Google`s S5 had an ambiguous effect on patient care (grade 4). The same sentence, translated by the Spanish human translator, delayed the necessary care for patients (gravity – 3). Our next challenge is to meet the themes of gold standard models and machines. This is due to the fact that the order of the themes may vary in both models (i.e. theme 1 in the recompacted model is best suited to theme 2 in the gold standard model).

Our matching procedure is as follows: For each rod, we find the highest load in the theme model following the machine and in the gold standard theme model.

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