Covenants Are Voluntary Agreements Between Leaders And Followers

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Pava describes federal leaders as ethical administrators who owe it a sacred duty to employees to pursue their best interests, to keep them informed of the organization`s problems and to promote and engage them as full partners in the creation of organizational capacity. [5] Guides recognize their commitment to sharing important information and helping employees succeed. [6] Alliance leaders are an example of their values and inspire their integrity in modeling what they believe. [11] Your moral alliance is to keep commitments and promises – including implicit promises related to organizational values. Wisely, leaders recognize the need to check with team members to see how they exercise these implicit obligations – critical elements of the psychological contract that are often overlooked. [12] Convention leaders recognize that the requirement for results must be offset by the provision of resources and authority to achieve these results. Empowerment is an ethical obligation that enables others to succeed, to understand the obstacles they face and to empower them to perform tasks for which they are responsible. [17] Convention leaders know that empowerment means supporting team members in all aspects of their responsibility. [18] By constantly under-schooling others, Alliance leaders communicate: I recognize that I must help you by providing you with the best possible information and training. I want you to succeed. Here`s how you can improve. Help me help you! [2] James MacGregor Burns, in his 1978 book, classically emphasized the nature of leadership as an ethical obligation.

See Burns, J.M., Leadership (New York: Harper – Row, 1978). By understanding the five roles of alliance leadership and clearly expressing the commitment to employee interests that is implicit in these five roles, federal leaders have the ability to create organizational cultures and interpersonal relationships that generate engagement, innovative contributions and high productivity if necessary for successful organizations. [10] Max DePree also mentions the Chief`s obligation to serve a sacred obligation, and declares that the chief “must become a servant and debtor” in fulfilling the covenant duties owed to the workers.

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