Collective Labor Agreement In Spanish

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Although Section 85 of the Status of Workers establishes minimum requirements of the collective agreement, representatives have the autonomy to expand the scope of the collective agreement. The collective agreement aims to regulate working conditions and productivity as well as the obligations of the parties in order to reach a working consensus. A collective agreement may include, for example, provisions relating to minimum wage, working time, the allocation of working time or measures to balance work and family life. This collective agreement is the document that sets out industrial relations rights and obligations. Collective agreements operate at the same level as normal laws. The collective agreement applies to workers and employers from the time it comes into force until the agreed date. The agreement is automatically renewed each year as long as neither party withdraws from the agreement. Only the parties can, through their representatives, amend the agreement. The collective agreement (as defined in Title III of the Status of Workers) is an instrument for regulating the workplace, as workers` and employers` representatives negotiate the rights and obligations contained in the agreement. Click here to view the current collective agreements in Spain.

The collective agreement is an official document drawn up between unions and companies, which defines the working conditions of a given sector. These agreements in Spain differ depending on the autonomous community in which you find yourself. As stated in Article 87 of the Status of Workers, only a few individuals or organizations can conduct negotiations according to the type of collective agreement. The 2012 labour market reform reduced the importance of these collective agreements. It is now possible to end these collective agreements by giving priority to enterprise agreements. In the event of economic or technical difficulties related to the organization or production, the company may waive the working conditions defined in the collective agreement or the applicable enterprises for all aspects related to working time, working time and the attribution of Article 82 of the aforementioned law, it is stated that the collective agreement is the expression of an agreement freely concluded by the parties because of their collective autonomy. This type of agreement is an agreement between trade unions and companies, and they define all possible criteria with regard to the conditions of workers` wages, the weekly duration of work, etc.

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