Cisco Managed Service License Agreement

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Before you add new accounts receivable to your MSSP console, select how you want to get licenses on behalf of your customers. Your options apply either through a term-based license or through a managed service license agreement (MSLA). Simplify licensing for your sd-WAN Managed Service offer with a single signing contract and flexible purchase options that do not involve prior obligation. Increase agility by activating and disabling licenses and combining MSLA purchasing options to provide the greatest flexibility to meet your customers` changing needs. MSLA SD-WAN Committed offers a duration of 3 to 5 years. Licenses are coterminous to facilitate the support and management of renewal. Customers can move licenses to different systems or sites if their requirements change. Providing software-based services can help improve your ability to respond to market and customer demands. However, negotiating licensing agreements and executing multiple orders can jeopardize your entry into the market. That`s why you need a licensing model that offers flexibility and speed to expand your projects. Cisco recognizes the unique needs of our service providers in the SD-WAN market. The Cisco® Managed Service Licensing Agreement (MSLA) is designed to meet your needs and those of your customers. Businesses are ready to switch service providers to a more personalized experience.

To be competitive, your offer must be simple to buy, offer flexibility to meet changing customer needs, and draw inspiration from your cost model – simple, agile and economical. You can combine MSLA SD-WAN uncommitted and MSLA SD-WAN Committed licenses to provide the greatest flexibility possible. Your unrelated licenses allow you to flexdownen if your customer`s needs change. Buy MSLA SD-WAN Committed for most customer licenses and use the lowest price, then use uncommitted MSLA SD-WAN licenses for flexibility. Your client can update the function and bandwidth level at any time during the contract. We recognize that launching a new service requires investments and implementation times that can compromise your working time. To help your business accelerate the launch of MSSP offerings, we`ve developed Security Operations Center (SOC) services in White-Label format. To be competitive, use new opportunities and provide expert services, you need agility to adapt and adapt to minimize risk. The selection you make here becomes a standard licensing agreement when you add new accounts.

By accessing the entire software suite, organizations can evolve the necessary technology consistently across all sites and users – globally. In this way, a centralised security directive can be implemented in a consistent manner on all sites, with the flexibility to include future sites and users in the same agreement. In addition, the withdrawal of all third-party products can result in substantial cost reductions and simplified management. Increase or reduce licenses based on business requirements. Provide management services to customers of all sizes, across their domains, with Cisco`s secure SD-WAN portfolio.

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