Calc Overtime Agreement

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For example, an employee paid to the agreement works 45 hours a week and earns $405. The normal wage rate for this week is $405 divided by $45 or $9.00 per hour. In addition to the entitled wage, the worker is also entitled to $4.50 (half the normal rate) for each hour over 40 – an additional $22.50 for the 5 hours of overtime – for a total of $427.50. Another way to compensate part-time workers for overtime when they are agreed before work is to pay one and a half times the unit rate for each piece produced during overtime. The unit rate must be the one that is actually paid during overtime and must be sufficient to get at least the minimum wage per hour. Most Workers in Alberta are entitled to overtime pay, including employees. However, there are some exceptions and specific provisions for certain sectors. It`s important to clarify the rules for your industry in advance, as this can change the way you calculate overtime. For example, you may need to consider monthly overtime.

The phrase “… at a time when the employee could have worked… means that a period of leave may be granted at any time if the employee could have been scheduled for non-hours. In the absence of a written agreement on overtime, an employer must pay a worker an additional hourly wage equal to a minimum of 1.5 times the worker`s normal wage for all overtime worked. If, under the employment contract, a salary sufficient to meet the minimum wage requirement for each work week is the only time for the number of hours per week, the normal rate is determined by the division of wage by the number of hours worked weekly. To illustrate this, we assume that an employee`s hours of work vary each week and that the agreement with the employer is that the worker receives $480 per week for the number of hours worked required. Under this agreement, the normal rate varies in weeks of overtime. If the employee works 50 hours, the normal rate is $9.60 ($480 divided by 50 hours). In addition to salary, half of the normal rate is due for each of the 10 overtime hours, or $4.80, for a total of $528 per week. If the employee works 60 hours, the normal rate is $8.00 ($480 divided by 60 hours). In this case, an additional $4.00 will be due for each of the 20 overtime hours for a total of $560 per week. Under no circumstances should the normal rate be less than the minimum wage required by the FLSA.

If a salary is paid on a non-weekly basis, the weekly wage must be set to calculate the normal rate and overtime pay. If the salary is half a month, it must be multiplied by 24 and the product divided by 52 weeks to obtain the weekly equivalent. A monthly salary must be multiplied by 12 and the product divided by 52. These records must be kept for at least three years and employers must provide employees with a pay slip showing the number of overtime hours worked with regular payment for each pay period. Regardless of whether or not a layoff has been planned, all unpaid and unpaid overtime until the end of the last day of work must be paid at 1.5 times the worker`s normal wage at the time of maintenance. Previously, Alberta employees were willing to work on a modified timeline through a funding agreement. But that is no longer the case. Friday use is acceptable, as the total number of hours worked that day was less than 8 hours. Including the 2 hours of bank with the 6 hours worked on Fridays, the total weekly working time increases to 41 hours. The total number of hours worked this week, plus hours worked in the bank, must not exceed 44 hours. This is due to the fact that the employee`s downtime must be granted and taken for non-hours. It would be another banked hour.

If your employment contract stipulates that your employee`s salary covers all hours worked, you must continue to calculate the extra hours

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