Brexit Agreement Border

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41 Such an investigation seems unlikely today. Two polls conducted in September 2016 showed that the majority of the population of Northern Ireland opposed a border survey. See: Mark Devenport, “More than half in Northern Ireland `against border poll`”, BBC, 8 September 2016 ( [27 December 2016]). Jonny Bell, “Survey: Majority say `No` to Ireland border poll and `Yes` to stay in UK”,The Belfast Telegraph, 28 September 2016 ( [27 December 2016]). Unionists feared that the Irish government`s position was a disguised attempt to gain more power over the province in order to promote a united Ireland,[29] a position contested by the Irish government. [30] The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) opposes a hard Irish border[31] and wants to preserve the common travel area. [32] The DUP was the only major NI party to oppose the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. [33] Some commentators doubt the link between border changes and the potential for political violence. Some Northern Ireland Unionist politicians argue that technologies such as border cameras and drones would not constitute a “hard border”.

The longer the transition period, the more both sides will need to know exactly how the Irish border will work (see Brexit: What will happen next? for more on the transition). US Senator George Mitchell, who led the negotiations on the Belfast Agreement, commented that he believed the establishment of a border control system between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland could jeopardise the agreement. [8] One, 18 A study published on 2 February 2019 by Irish Senator Mark Daly and two UNESCO presidents showed that the reintroduction of a hard border would lead to the return of violence. T92 [10] [11] [12] 1 Bill Clinton, “Don`t turn Inward`: Bill Clinton urges Britain to stay in the European Union,” New Statesman, June 9, 2016: [August 2, 2016]. . . .

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