Bell Access Agreements

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The CRTC regulates the wholesale rates that large telephone and cable companies charge their competitors to access their networks in order to offer their own services. In cases where a recipient supported by Innovation is also regulated by the CRTC, the open access rates set in its contribution agreement do not exceed similar rates or rates set by the CRTC. The projects presented in this table include only Connect to Innovate projects that have so far signed a contribution agreement. Other projects under negotiation are regularly added when contribution agreements are signed. Welcome to Bell`s website (the “website”). This website contains text, images, audio clips, video clips, software and other material (together the “content”) provided by Bell Canada, BCE Inc., Bell Mobility Inc., Bell ExpressVu Limited Partnership and/or specific entities related to the above (a Bell entity and “Bell” set) only for informational purposes. By accessing the website or downloading content, you agree to the terms of use below (“Terms of Use”). If you do not agree to these terms of use, do not access the site or content. Legal appeal agreements are obtained if necessary in order to formalize TELUS` legal right to private ownership and to break up. These agreements are registered with the securities offices of the state of the province where the property in question is located and are known to the public. We want you to better understand how your personal data is collected, used and disclosed when accessing and using our website: For more information on how Bell collects, uses and discloses your personal information as part of your use of this site, see our privacy statement at, where you will also find the answers to many frequently asked questions. To access the Cincinnati Bell FCC`s online inspection file, click here to access the “Regulatory and Government Affairs” functions include the Cincinnati Bell Department of Government Relations.

While government business focuses on the impact of local, state and federal laws, regulatory affairs focus on Cincinnati Bell`s regulatory initiatives and commitments. Regulatory staff are responsible for rates, docklet management activities, compliance functions and links to government and federal regulatory commissions and related organizations, such as interprofessional organizations. Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC offers traditional local telecommunications products and services, ilec, as well as broadband Internet access in the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area, including parts of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, covering an area of more than 2,400 square miles.

2013 Rededication Sign and Ceremony Thank You Page

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