Arbitration Clause For Agreement

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The parties to this contract (agreement) agree to be bound by the arbitration agreement contained in the statutes of the legal person [the name used in the contract for the corresponding legal person] provides for the settlement of all disputes arising from the rights of the participants in the legal person and relating to the legal relations of the legal person with third parties. including disputes concerning the declaration of transactions as invalid and/or the application of the consequences of invalidity of transactions, before the International Arbitral Tribunal for Trade at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in accordance with its applicable rules and rules. Icc arbitration clauses require the application of an expedited procedure in cases of lesser value. All disputes arising from the relationship between the parties to this contract shall be decided by an arbitrator who, in accordance with the rules of the Court of Arbitration and the internal rules of the European Court of Arbitration, is chosen to be part of the European Arbitration Centre, whose seat is in Strasbourg, and which is in force at the time of filing the request for arbitration. and of which the adoption of this clause constitutes acceptance. The seat of the arbitration shall be _____. The language of the case is _______. The applicable rules of substantive law are __________.

2013 Rededication Sign and Ceremony Thank You Page

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