Agreement Spirit

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Conclusion We believe that you have the opportunity and the obligation (yourself) to capture the spirit of the agreement through the interview and contract processes and to establish a legally binding document that protects your best interests as well as the interests of your potential employer. Nevertheless, it`s worth understanding that even the most experienced lawyers in the healthcare industry won`t draw your attention to contract deficits if they`re not aware of the recruitment promises you`re making. Your best defense is to bring a pencil and paper and take notes. It is therefore not surprising that an estimated 22 doctors per working day file their dismissals within the first 12 months of employment. Protection against adverse effects on employment begins at the first interview. You need to be prepared to ask questions that are important to you professionally (i.e. resources) and personally (e.g.B. call rotation). In addition, and very simply, you must also take notes; Thus, you have the opportunity to enter all the recruitment promises that will be made to you during the interview process – this is the spirit in which you decide to accept and occupy a position. Grasp the spirit of the agreement Once you have obtained your employment contract, compare the document with the answers to your questions and the recruitment promises made to you.


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